FAQs - FunSculpting Liposuction

Frequently asked questions

HD Body Sculpting is a minimally invasive treatment used to naturally contour and shape the body, normally performed under local anesthetic without the need for an overnight hospital stay. We specialize in nonsurgical fat removal and fat transfer for both men and women. We’re proud to have experienced HD Body Sculpting experts performing each treatment, all of which are designed around the needs of the individual patient. 

We tailor each procedure to the patient’s needs, meaning you’ll always have our full attention. We help determine the areas that will make the most visible difference in the sculpting of your new body shape. We work hard to ensure you receive the kind of results you want—whether it’s an athletic, masculine figure through liposuction or subtle, feminine curves with fat transfer.

Ideal candidates for the Fun Sculpting procedures are those who are normal-weight or slightly overweight and have good skin elasticity. Patients with low levels of fatty deposits are also accepted, as long as they do not have low levels of skin elasticity.

Some patients are not always eligible to undergo the various Fun Sculpting procedures, so it is important to find out if you are a candidate. You can take our quiz to find out if you are a candidate for our body contouring procedures.

You may be an ideal candidate if…

👉 You want to eliminate body fat and tighten your body

👉 You want to avoid getting cut open and having a long, painful recovery

👉 You want real results, with science-backed treatments

👉 You want a personalized treatment plan that’s affordable

👉 You want to remove fat from unwanted areas and use it to naturally lift your breasts and butt

Fun Sculpting removes fat deposits without the invasive and painful techniques that have been used for decades. High-Definition Liposculpting with Fun Sculpting is the fastest and safest way to remove unwanted fat and tone your body. Many times, patients need only an hour or less to see dramatic results.

And after your procedure, you’ll have:

✔️ No incisions
✔️ No scarring
✔️ Little to no pain
✔️ Minimal swelling
✔️ Minimal bruising
✔️ No grogginess from anesthesia
✔️ Fast recovery
✔️ Lasting results


Effective natural fat transfers often last forever. Treatments with HD Liposuction involve the removal of fat cells, which later do not regenerate from the treated areas. Hence, fat reduction this way can be considered a permanent solution for attaining bodily perfection.

The Fun Sculpting procedure involves the removal of unwanted fat from areas that appear to have an excess of it. People usually tend to have fat surgically removed from places like their belly, back, waist, thighs, and chin. Other areas include the arms, abdomen, and hips. With HD Liposuction in question, the ease of use opens a wider field of options to perform surgery.

With High-Definition Liposculpting, you can target hard-to-tone areas like your…

✅ Abdomen

✅ Upper arms

✅ Flanks

✅ “Love handles”

✅ Chin

✅ Back / Bra line

✅ Lower buttocks (also known as the “banana roll”)

With Fun Sculpting, you can permanently dissolve the fat in these areas to achieve the dream body you have always wanted. All without the need for surgery, anesthesia, pain medication, or long recovery time!

High Definition Liposculpting is minimally invasive and has immediate results. This technique is the latest, most innovative procedure and is completely reshaping the way body sculpting is done. It is an affordable option that delivers instant results without surgery, general anesthesia, or extended recovery!

This is the only procedure that will allow you to:

✅ Remove and reshape fat cells without burning, cutting, or freezing fat

✅ See instant results

✅ Get the body you’ve always dreamed of without breaking the bank

✅ Avoid general anesthesia, scarring, and long recovery times

✅ Greatly reduce your risks of infection, scarring, pain, and disappointing outcomes that are frequent with traditional plastic surgery

During standard liposuction, the surgeon just removes the excess fat from select parts of the body. With Fun Sculpting, the fat also gets removed, but it’s strategically done in a way that lets the muscles underneath show through with more definition. Traditional liposuction also doesn’t involve fat re-injection as HD procedures can.

With Fun Sculpting, you’re getting rid of the deepest layers of fat, as well as superficial and sub-dermal layers. This removes the fat that lies on top of the muscles, so they become more visible. Fun Sculpting doesn’t just take away fat – it sculpts the body to its best possible shape.

Patients can lose up to 2-5 inches after just one visit, without cutting, ripping, cooling, heating, or tearing underlying tissues.

Unlike a traditional augmentation, in which unnatural, foreign objects are inserted into the breasts, our transfer uses only the body’s natural fat to deliver far superior results.

  1. Not only are the breasts augmented, but the surrounding areas of the body are minimized, enhancing the body’s natural curvature.
  2. The natural fat allows for restoration of volume in the breast tissue that naturally falls as a result of aging or pregnancy.
  3. The transferred fat helps reshape the breasts in a way that looks and feels natural.

Natural Fat Transfer is a fantastic option for patients looking to remove stubborn fat from one area and insert it in to a more desirable location.

It allows patients to put their unwanted fat to good use. In most cases, patients will remove stubborn fat from their stomach or back and insert it into their breast or buttocks for a natural breast/butt lift. In most cases, woman are able to naturally add an additional cup size when inserted into their chest.

While pain and discomfort are relative and experiences will vary, the HD Liposuction procedure requires no general anesthetic and involves minimal discomfort, if any. After treatment, there may be some short term sensitivity in the target area that can be mitigated by over the counter pain relievers. Any such feelings are typically short-lived.

Every patient’s procedure is customized to meet their specific goals. The number of HD Liposuction procedures needed to achieve desired fat reduction and transfer results is dependent on the volume of fat reduction requested and the number of areas selected for enhancement. While every person is unique and results vary, many people obtain desirable results with just one procedure.

Patients desiring a larger volume of fat removal and transfer than can be performed in a single procedure may elect to have additional procedures. We recommend you contact a Fun Sculpting provider in your area to learn more about your body sculpting goals.

Prior to your treatment, you will come in for a consultation. Depending on what questions you may have, your consultation will take between 15 and 30 minutes. Time to perform the treatment varies depending on the amount of fat to be removed and transferred to specific areas, but typically requires only 1-2 hours.

Unlike traditional breast implants that insert foreign material into your body, our natural augmentation enhances the breasts using only the body’s own fat. No maintenance is necessary, and the breasts will age normally.

Fun Sculpting is highly effective for reducing fat in the abdomen and flanks. The Brazilian Butt Lift transplants fat and increases buttocks volume, which results in skin tightening around the treated area. In addition, our Fun Sculpting procedure will help define the underlying muscle, giving you a more toned figure.

Because our treatment removes unwanted fat effectively, only one treatment is required to achieve a beautiful, natural-looking result. During your  consultation, a medical expert and your provider will take your size and body contouring goals into consideration to determine whether multiple treatment sites may be beneficial for your specific needs.

Losing a significant amount of fat creates space between your skin and your muscular wall. With alternative body sculpting procedures, the skin is unable to successfully readhere to the muscle, leaving you with a loose, sagging appearance. Our treatment effectively stimulates tissue retraction and collagen synthesis, so it not only prevents hanging skin but promotes tightening to create a smooth, more youthful appearance post treatment.

Our treatment is minimally invasive and only requires several freckle-sized entry sites. These small sites are undetectable upon healing.

Although it is highly recommended to try to maintain your weight after your treatment, it is possible to gain five to seven pounds before you notice any obvious change in the treated area.

HD Body Sculpting removes superficial fat and fat cells, and because the body doesn’t readily make new fat cells past puberty, the results are typically permanent. Therefore, mild weight fluctuation should go unnoticed as the extra fat is either immediately processed or evenly distributed around your body. If you maintain an active lifestyle with a healthy diet, your results will be permanent.

Because our treatment effectively stimulates tissue retraction and collagen synthesis, to avoid hanging skin, we always suggest you receive treatment before trying to lose weight. Many of our patients have felt reluctant to pursue treatment before weight loss only to discover that Fun Sculpting has helped them continue to lose inches after treatment. Additionally, HD Body Sculpting has been shown to increase metabolism, putting your body into a state more conducive to losing weight post treatment.

Fun Sculpting is the safest and most effective tool used for liposuction and body contouring. The procedure is performed with local anesthetic, minimizing the risks and side effects. However, meeting with your provider to review pertinent health history will ensure that the procedure is performed safely according to your body’s individual needs.

Fun Sculpting gives you long-term results you’ll love from every angle. Our cutting-edge technology is unrivaled by any other service in the industry. We specialize not only in fat removal and transfer but also in naturally sculpting and reshaping the body to deliver beautiful, natural-looking results.

HD Body sculpting is safer than alternative procedures because it avoids tissue damage and promotes tissue repair and subsequent collagen synthesis, allowing the skin to tighten for a smooth, youthful appearance post treatment. Patients are always our first priority, so you can rest assured you will receive an honest and accurate expectation of your results during your free consultation.