Procedures - FunSculpting Liposuction


Fat transfers

Enhance the size, shape and feel of your buttocks and breasts naturally while removing unwanted fat from undesired locations without surgery, stitches or needles. 

Mommy makeover

Look better than you did even before you gave birth.

Brazilian butt lift

It’s precision targeting and cellular extraction will give you not only an improved aesthetic, but also better skin tone while shaping your behind.

Breast lifts

Remove fat from one part of the body to transfer it into natural firm breast tissue that will grow up one cup size!

Neck & chin

The most effective way to permanently eliminate your double chin.


Achieve thinner and more toned thighs in just one session without surgery or general anesthesia.

Man boobs

Get a more masculine build and eliminate unwanted fat pockets without surgery, needles or scarring.


Permanently remove arm fat and get lean, toned arms in just one session.

Lower belly

Fun Sculpting helps you eliminate the most difficult areas of fat quicker than any diet and exercise regimen ever will.

Back & wings

Get rid of unwanted back fat with the leaders in high-end body sculpting.

Abs & flanks

Instantly eliminate several inches of stubborn belly fat, love handles and muffin tops to reveal a more defined core.