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Fun Sculpting is an all-inclusive solution proven to help practices add additional cash revenue streams by equipping physicians with the most advanced and minimally invasive body sculpting technology, unparalleled business development coaching, and unmatched medical training.

Since 2020, patient demand for body sculpting procedures has increased by 63%. Our plug-and-play system is designed to enable medical practices to tap into this surging market – effortlessly.

Provider benefits​

Your success depends on more than just the right technology. That’s why we’ve developed unmatched business development and medical training programs proven to provide you and your staff with the tools and resources you need to thrive in the marketplace – quickly. 

Fun Sculpting providers have access to: 

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Patient satisfaction

Patients love Fun Sculpting because it’s minimally invasive, extremely safe and delivers immediate and precise results without the need of general anesthesia or extended downtime. 

In addition to efficiently removing fat from unwanted areas, Fun Sculpting’s fat transferring technology allows your patients to naturally enhance the look and feel of their buttocks and breasts.

With Fun Sculpting, patients can precisely sculpt their:

Advanced technology

Fun Sculpting is the only system that utilizes vibration, which impacts safety, efficacy, and procedural speed and time. Our advanced technology makes removing and reshaping fat deposits easy by eliminating the need to heat, cool, cut or tear it. Here are a few reasons why providers refer to our device as the best option available: 

No BMI limitations

Can be performed in any state

Minimally invasive

Most efficient aspiration rate in the world (3-6 liters per hour)

Reduces provider fatigue & patient pain

No general or IV sedation

Patient before & afters

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A business-in-a-box solution

Discover how Fun Sculpting can help you provide your patients with the solutions and results they demand while adding a new cash revenue stream to your practice with the leaders in minimally-invasive Body Sculpting. 

Advanced Technology

Provide your patients with the results and convenience they’re searching for. 

Clinical Training

Receive world class medical training from our list of reputable medical professionals.

Business Development

Grow your practice with our proven marketing, sales and business development blueprints. 

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Since 2020, patient demand for body sculpting procedures has increased by 63%

Minimally-invasive body sculpting is among the most commonly requested body contouring procedures and the most preferred among patients because it offers precise, safe and immediate results without the need of general anesthesia or extended recovery time. 

Frequently asked questions for physicians

Our training is extensive and includes certification. We not only include observational training, but also hands-on training with an experienced clinical consultant.

Fun Sculpting providers have the freedom of setting their own pricing, but here are the average costs per treatment areas and treatment length. 

  • Abs & Flanks: 2 hours – $6500
  • Arms: 30-45 minutes –  $3000
  • Neck: 30 minutes – $3000
  • Inner & Outer Thighs: 1 hour – $4000
  • Natural Fat Transfer: 1 hour – $3000-$3500 
  • Back: 1 hour – $4000
  • Wings: 45 minutes $3000 (wings are the area next to the breast that protrude to the arm)

On average, Fun Sculpting providers net around $3,000 an hour performing this procedure.

If you just perform one procedure a month, you will cover your lease payment and generate over $3000 in net income. This procedure allows you to continuously generate an average income of $3000 an hour.

The insurance companies view this as a level one procedure therefore if you are covered to say do a stitch your premiums will not be impacted.

Most of the body sculpting devices being advertised require multiple treatments spanning as long as 3-months with limited results. The Fun Sculpting procedure produces better results in less time than competing technology. Fun Sculpting is a walk-in, walk-out procedure that provides most patients with instant results.

This really appeals to patients that are reentering the dating scene, going to a function like a wedding or class reunion, or just don’t want to be bothered having multiple treatment sessions.

Plastic Surgeons are the elite of plastic surgery, with decades-worth experience in many procedures. However they often charge more than other specialists and may include an abdominal plasty that can cost up $11,000-$14,000 dollars extra onto your bill – when you could get similar results without one!

With Fun Sculpting and our cutting-edge medical training, most specialists are able to provide their patients with better results than surgeons at a fraction of the cost. 

This is a very interesting point. The bell curve for liposuction is really between the ages of 40-65 with many patients over that upper age electing to have the procedure.

Yes! We can provide internal financing at very competitive rates that are not dependent upon credit.

Everyone believes their insurance should pay for procedures, but cash pay, and aesthetics are totally different. The same patient that complains about a co-pay is a patient that will in most cases pay for aesthetic procedures.

For example, let’s take dental implants. I am sure you have multiple patients that have had dental implants, which of course are cash pay. One single tooth can cost upwards of $7,000 with a full mouth restoration costing well over $50,000.

In addition, the median income of patients having aesthetic procedures is around $62,000.

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