Watch Fun Sculpting CEO, James Finnegan, undergo the Fun Sculpting procedure.

Fun Sculpting is a minimally invasive fat removal and body contouring procedure. It is designed to remove stubborn fat that is resistant to diet and exercise—with minimal downtime to the patient.

With Fun Sculpting, unwanted fat is removed with precision through suction, with some patients then opting for fat transfer to other areas of the body. This procedure can be performed on virtually any area of the body, for both men and women. The result is a more sleek, athletic, sculpted, and toned body shape.

Fun Sculpting is a life changing procedure that is revolutionizing natural fat transfer.

Efficiency and Ease of Use

  • 40% faster than other technology
  • Fastest automation of infiltration in the world of fluid and fat.
  • Most efficient aspiration rate: 3-6 Liters per hour
  • Vibration Amplitude creates cannula course of 6-10 mm per stroke
  • Vibration decreases pain due to the Gate Control Theory of Pain
  • Ease of penetration through fibrous tissue, post surgical scars, and secondary liposuction
  • Vibration of micro-instruments maintains tissue integrity by not damaging supporting structures
  • Superior re-adaptation of skin due to stimulation of fibroblasts and mechanical skin tightening

Why Choose Fun Sculpting?

The latest advancement in body sculpting & natural fat transfer technology is finally here!

Fun Sculpting is an advanced liposculpture procedure

designed to remove and reshape fat deposits without burning, cutting, or freezing the fat.  This has major benefits in regards to skin tightening, cell viability, body etching, healing time, and patient satisfaction.

Since the cell viability of the harvested fat is so high, that same fat can be used for natural breast and buttock augmentation.

Suctioned fat is stored safely in a container at the bedside, and if desired, can be immediately transferred back to the patient in more desirable areas, such as the buttocks or breasts.

There are many benefits, most importantly, exceptional outcomes!  The vibration assisted cannulas we use allow our providers to smoothly advance through the tissue and focus on the art of sculpting.  Fun Sculpting results in a smoother, more natural appearance.  

The vibration stimulates the skin and surrounding cells, giving you continued skin tightening and fat loss for up to 6 months after your procedure.

Men most commonly choose Fun Sculpting for their abdomen, chin, chest, and love handles.  Women, in addition, may choose thighs, arms, “bra fat”, buttocks, and hips.  During your initial consultation with your provider, they will discuss all areas in questions, and advise you to ensure a contour that flatters your body, and results in an optimal cosmetic effect.

Patient Selection and Safety

  • Gentle vibration increases patient comfort
  • The patient can stand for abdominal etching and verification of symmetry
  • Patient can visually inspect the dynamic results
  • Minimal bruising and less downtime
  • Excellent skin tightening
  • Vibration assisted analgesia helps to reduce discomfort for up to 36 hours post procedure
  • Increased safety because no sedation is required for patient comfort
  • 85-96% cell viability
  • No patient upper limit BMI
  • Vibration Assisted Liposculpture with no heat, freezing, or burning. Safest product in the industry.
  • Can treat any patient regardless of BMI
  • Remarkable de-bulking ability
  • High level of precision allows physician to focus on results
  • Significantly less fatigue
  • Re-treatments are reduced significantly

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